The majority of Magento issues are usually caused by an invalid cache or the need for re-indexing. If you are experiencing any problems with how things work or display on a screen in Magento then the first step is to clear your cache and re-index your data.

When making certain changes to Magento in can invalidate your cache.

There are two ways to clear the cache in Magento:

Through the Magento Admin Panel:

  1. Log in to your Admin Panel account
  2. Go to the System -> Cache Management section
  3. Click on the Flush Magento Cache button

Using SSH/FTP or the cPanel File Manager

Delete the contents of the var/cache/ folder using the following SSH command:

rm -rf var/cache/*


Delete the folder var/cache/ through your FTP client or using the cPanel File Manager.

To re-index your website

1. You'll need to be logged into the Magento Admin Panel and then go to System> Index Management

2. On the left, select any or all categories to reindex. If you want to reindex all categories, click Select All.

3. From the Actions drop-down list, select Reindex Data and then click Submit.

Depending on how many categories, and the amount of information that needs to be reindexed, this could take minutes or hours.  If it takes longer than 24 hours, please raise a ticket with us as we'll have to d this using SSH Access.