Instead of having multiple logins for all of our customers it is more effecient, and secure for us to use our own login credentials and be given shared access to your analytics account.  To enable access for Rixxo follow these simple steps.

  1. Login in to your Google Analytics account here

  2. At the top of the page choose "Admin"

  3. You now have several ways to add access.  We will be looking at Account and or Property access.  A property is a site that you manage in your account.  If you have multiple sites or "properties" being tracked you may wish to give us access at Account level so we can see them all.  This is better for us and you as we can offer more support.  If you wish us only to see a specific property choose it from the drop down box in the middle column.  Then click on "User Managerment"

  4. Next add the email address of the account ( you wish to add.  Choose the permissions from the drop down box next to the email field.  It is best to check all of the boxes for us.  If you like you can also choose to notify us by email by checking the box below the email field.

  5. Thats it.  You're done.  We now have access to your Google Analytics account.